SUSTAINABILITY is a key consideration for us.

Uplands Business Park already includes a number of independent and creative businesses that are taking initiatives to green their sites (and businesses) to reduce their impact on the environment. We want to support these initiatives, and future proof our development

We will:

Significantly enhance the green infrastructure via high quality landscaping and tree planting resulting in a net biodiversity gain of +20% to the site

Aim to reuse, recycle, or recover 95% of construction and demolition waste

Source building materials locally for short supply chains

Rainwater will be recycled and re-used for external watering through blue roofs

Encourage sustainable modes of transport and provide electrical charging points for all vehicles

Target BREEAM Excellent (if not Outstanding) for new industrial and commercial buildings

Provide excellent secure bicycle storage and make walking and cycling the easiest and most pleasant option

Design homes to minimise the impacts of future higher temperatures

Develop networks for recycling, such as reusing coffee grounds as fertiliser

Select low carbon materials where available

Be Air Quality Positive to achieve the best possible outcomes for local air quality

Fossil fuel free heating and hot water generation

Proposed view of new greener yard space

Greening the yard will be important to provide some recreational space for employees or local events in the evening and at weekends

The greening strategy includes vertical greening, permeable paving, and an enhanced landscaped environment with trees, planting beds and vegetation.

In addition, green and blue roofs will be introduced. A green roof creates the opportunity for an increase in biodiversity and vegetation. Blue roofs create opportunity for rainwater to be recycled and re-used for external watering and also slow runoff rates to reduce the risk of surface water flooding.

Roof gardens for new buildings to increase biodiversity


The area has become home to a
more diverse mix of businesses,
food producers and artists


Waltham Forest is home
to some of London’s most
exciting cultural offerings


Successful places consist of a
mix of complementary uses that
enhance each other