Detailed proposals

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Waterside route for pedestrians and cyclists
Series of improved public spaces throughout the area
Creation of wider and more accessible entrances from Blackhorse Lane to Uplands Business Park particularly for industrial servicing
Retain Uplands House and improve the outlook on Blackhorse Lane including planting new trees
Improved access for larger industrial vehicles and a loop access road for industrial servicing to reduce reversing and turning
Low traffic area towards the west of Uplands Business Park to create new shared spaces and an improved environment for pedestrians and cyclists.
A permeable network of streets for all road users including better pedestrian and cycle links.
A Hybrid Planning

Phase 1 – detailed application

Innovative stacked industrial buildings providing 18,000sqm of flexible industrial space.

Retention of Uplands House.

A mixed-use building behind Uplands House that includes workshops and 119 new homes.

A new dedicated pedestrian and cycle route.

Phase 1 is due to start in 2024.

Phase 2 – outline application

Over 10,000sqm of new industrial building floorspace.

New residential buildings with retail, leisure and community space towards the west.

Wetlands Waterside, a new park next to the wetlands.

Introduction of approximately 1,600 new, high-quality homes.

Up to 5,000sqm of new employment and community floorspace.

Phase 2 will come forward as a number of sub-phase with the earliest likely to start in 2026.

High Quality Design

The phased redevelopment of Uplands Business Park proposes a range of heights and massing between the different buildings types, as we try to maximise the benefits for the local community. In the image below you can see an outline of the proposed building heights. Where tall buildings are proposed these are focused in the centre of the site, with building heights then stepping down as you move towards the Wetlands and Blackhorse Lane. This approach follows the principles set out in the emerging Blackhorse Lane Masterplan.

Low - rise buildings up to 4 storeys (including stacked industrial)

Mid - rise buildings 5 - 11 storeys

Tall buildings up to 38 storeys

Tall buildings up to 30 storeys

Taller buildings up to 18 storeys

Goldsmith Yard - an industrial activated yard


Goldsmith Yard will be where the majority of the industrial space is re-provided. It will have a functional and industrial working character with good access to the road network. This will be the first element to be delivered as part of any future project to maintain industrial capacity and continuity.

Goldsmith Yard - an industrial activated yard


The creation of new flexible industrial units will allow for a wide range of users including the area’s established industrial businesses and growing creative uses including coffee roasters, microbreweries, vegan food producers, creative workspaces, and artists’ studios.

Goldsmith Yard - an industrial activated yard


19,000sqm of new industrial space will be provided across two stacked industrial buildings at Goldsmith Yard. The well-designed yard space will accommodate the intensified industrial activity, whilst also successfully integrating customer facing aspects during the evening and at weekends, welcoming in the wider Blackhorse Lane community.

Uplands Yard, a community- focused neighbourhood yard


Uplands Yard will include larger play structures suitable for different age groups and communal garden areas. The yard will be designed for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as addressing accessibility needs to welcome all members of the community.

Wetlands Yard - an active, retail focussed space


Wetlands Yard will be home to the innovative platform building which will provide space for a diverse range of creative industrial activities such as a ‘makers shop’ selling locally produced products, and an art gallery, whilst contributing to the wider neighbourhood around the Blackhorse Lane area through the addition of a local convenience store, cafés, and restaurants.

Wetlands Yard - an active, retail focussed space


Through the introduction of new uses and the generous provision of public space, Wetlands Yard will be a diverse, connected, and expressive area that encourages collaboration, performance and creative events.

Wetlands Yard - an active, retail focussed space


An active and engaging space in the centre of the site, aimed to encourage the existing community around Blackhorse Lane to visit Uplands Business Park. Wetlands Yard will provide a space where businesses could sell local produce on site at local markets and pop-up events.

Uplands Yard, a community- focused neighbourhood yard


Uplands Yards will be an area that combines the area’s industrial heritage and new uses including homes. This will be partially accommodated through innovative podium industrial uses which will sensitively accommodate new homes on upper floors and high-quality industrial space on part of the ground floors.

Wetlands Waterside


Wetlands Waterside will open up out to the wetlands and bring its sense of generosity, greenery and landscape into the site creating a new place for people to visit and explore.

Wetlands Waterside


Wetlands Yard and Wetlands Waterside will function as two connected spaces, aimed at providing an active and engaging area in the centre of the site. It will include a terrace with views onto the Wetlands, generous steps with integrated trees and flowering planting beds.

Wetlands Waterside


Flexible open space will serve as a curated play space for children of different age groups, creating a teenage zone, natural play equipment for children aged between 0-11 along with an educational fitness trail.

Uplands Yard, a community- focused neighbourhood yard


A community focused yard offering a focal point for neighbourhood activity such a nursery, a community hall, and a gym/ yoga studio. Following consultation, the open space has been enlarged to ensure a more generous public realm, including ample greenery and play facilities.