The Key Principles

1. Make. Locally led, industrial first approach

BlackRock Real Assets and NEAT Developments believe Uplands Business Park to be an area with untapped potential. Uplands Business Park is successfully reinventing itself, moving away from traditional industrial activities and evolving into a diverse mix of businesses that have an increasing customer-facing focus. They are makers and creators. We want to:


Retain, support and grow the area’s industrial business ecosystem.


Keep high-quality industrial space at the heart of the proposals by providing a mix of innovative, modern and flexible industrial spaces.


Create new employment opportunities for the area by enhancing and creating more space for retail and the evening economy (including restaurants and bars).

2. Live. Create a new mixed-use neighbourhood

Although we intend to keep the central focus of our proposals on creating high-quality industrial space we also believe there is an opportunity to integrate new uses to create a mixed-use neighbourhood. Uplands Business Park has the potential to host residential areas which in turn will and are capable of supporting new commercial, leisure and community uses for the whole community. We want to:

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Introduce new homes (including affordable housing) to support the growing customer business activity, create an evening economy, and generate vibrancy in the area.


Create lasting partnerships between neighbours, businesses and local educational providers.


Create a destination for people to visit with improved food, drink and retail options.

3. Seed. Promote sustainability

Uplands Business Park already includes a number of independent and creative businesses that are taking initiatives to green their sites and reduce their impact on the environment. We want to support these initiatives. Our planning application will have sustainability at its heart. We want to:


Significantly increase the area’s bio-diversity by introducing new plants, trees and vegetation.


Promote sustainable methods of transport through new pedestrian and cycle routes and provision of electric vehicle charging points.


Establish inviting public spaces for sitting, meeting and playing.

4. Connect. Establish better connectivity for Uplands Business Park

Uplands Business Park sits directly adjacent to Walthamstow Wetlands that form part of Lee Valley Park - an area that provides a diverse mix of urban green spaces, heritage sites, country parks, nature reserves and lakes and riverside trails. Uplands Business Park has the opportunity to act as a green link to connect the area’s green spaces to nearby residential neighbours.

Connectivity is also about ensuring that Uplands Business Park is the destination for 21st-century business and modern visitors. This means ensuring the area has first-rate infrastructure to support future and diverse needs. We want to:


Create new connections between Uplands Business Park, Walthamstow Wetlands, transport links and local residential neighbourhoods.


Celebrate Europe’s largest urban Wetlands with access through new, safe pedestrian and cycle networks and public spaces.

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Enhance broadband connectivity for high-speed internet access.