Putting Industry at the Heart of a Mixed Use Neighbourhood

Three different Blackhorse Lane characteristics

The Blackhorse Lane area is characterised by three key north-south lines:

1. Blackhorse Lane to the east
2. Thames Spine Tunnel - a high pressure water main crossing the site diagonally underground, as yet invisible but eventually revealed through its 22m exclusion zone
3. Walthamstow water edge to the west

Our initial proposals, guided by the emerging Blackhorse Lane Spatial Framework, look to build on these three lines to:

• Improve the character of Blackhorse Lane to create a better pedestrian and cycle environment, with wider footpaths, street trees and new buildings with active frontages
• Use the Thames Spine Tunnel exclusion zone to create a series of linked, public yards and open spaces
• Deliver our part of a new waterside route for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy

In addition new east-west routes are proposed to create improved connections to the wider Blackhorse Lane neighbourhood.

New Industrial-led Mixed Use Neighbourhood

The initial proposals have been guided by the emerging spatial framework for Blackhorse Lane, which looks to intensify industrial uses to the north and east where there is better road connectivity and integrate new uses to the south and west, which is closest to Blackhorse Road station.

A first conceptual layout for the site shows how a mix of innovative modern and flexible industrial uses will integrate with new uses, focusing industrial space to the north and east, whilst bringing in new uses to the south and west.

The proposals offer a range of benefits and opportunities including:

• An increase in modern industrial floorspace
• Up to 1,800 new homes including affordable housing
• 1,000+ new high quality jobs
• A series of new public spaces open to all, ranging from green spaces and playgrounds to consumer facing industrial yards.

Industry First – Locally Led

To rehouse existing businesses, create new employment opportunities and integrate new uses we are proposing a mix of building typologies across the site:

Stacked industrial

Stacked industrial buildings will provide more conventional industrial floorspace across a range of floors.

Podium industrial

Industrial podiums can accommodate high-quality ground floor industrial floorspace integrated with new uses above.

Small-scale workshops

Small scale workshops will help to provide spaces for small businesses with active street frontages or within larger industrial buildings.

Courtyard blocks

Residential blocks providing commercial, leisure and community uses at ground floor.

Innovation platform

An innovative platform building combines a range of industrial uses with business development and additional support services.

Some Examples of Uses at the Platform are:

Future Food

From maker spaces, development labs to research consultancies and production companies. The Platform building is a media driven, digitally connected ecosystem.

Connected Communities

An urban meeting place, defined by people, focused on innovation and learning, fundamentally grounded in community. A vibrant business, technology and creative incubator.

Diverse & inclusive spaces

1. Goldsmith Yard


2. Uplands Yard


3. Wetlands Yard


4. Wetlands Waterside