Frequently Asked Questions & Timelines

On this page, we have listed the expected timeline leading up to our submission for a planning application. There is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If there is a question that we have missed out that you would like to know the answer to please let us know using the Have Your Say Page.




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The team behind the proposals is:
– BlackRock Real Assets – Site Owner
– NEAT Developments – Development Partner
– Allies and Morrison – Architect
– Turley – Planning Consultant
– Concilio – Communications and Consultation
– Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape – Landscape Architects

BlackRock Real Estate manages over $24 billion in private and public real estate equity and debt in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. BlackRock’s Real Estate team manages debt and equity real estate investments on behalf of public and private pension plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments and private investors. Our extensive experience encompasses all major property types including office, industrial, retail and residential.

Any proposals brought forward by BlackRock & NEAT Developments would need to be considered against a comprehensive masterplan for the area which is being prepared by Waltham Forest Council and the GLA. BlackRock & NEAT Developments are supportive of this approach and have been working collaboratively with Waltham Forest Council and other key stakeholders to ensure the success of Blackhorse Lane as a Creative Enterprise Zone and thriving neighbourhood centre.

NEAT is a London-based property developer delivering large-scale mixed-use developments across Greater London. They have worked with Britain’s largest mutual insurance company, Royal London; with Local Authority Pension Funds (Strathclyde); and with BlackRock before in Enfield.

NEAT is genuinely committed to delivering better, higher quality developments, in a progressive, collaborative manner to enhance the lives of the communities in which they operate.

Following this initial consultation, our timeline is:

Consideration of comments  Summer 2021
Second further consultation – Autumn 2021
Further consideration of comments – Autumn 2021
Submission of planning application – Winter 2021


Our initial proposals at Uplands Business Park can be described as:

⁃ MAKE – Locally led, industrial first approach
⁃ LIVE – Create a new mixed-use neighbourhood to integrate new uses and create high-quality public spaces.
⁃ SEED – Promote sustainability, biodiversity and introduce new green spaces.
⁃ CONNECT – Establish better connectivity for Uplands Business Park through new routes and improved infrastructure.
For further information please click on the ‘Key Principles’ tab as part of this website.

Whilst Uplands Business Park has a successful mix of businesses, some of the units are in the need of modernisation in the coming years; we want to encourage its future growth in an inclusive way. We see this as key part in supporting a post-Covid 19 recovery for the area and Waltham Forest.

In conjunction with this, Waltham Forest Council (in collaboration with the Mayor of London) has also been consulting on a new masterplan for the entirety of Blackhorse Lane SIL. The process is designed to protect and enhance the area’s industrial land and once completed will provide a framework and guidance to enable planning applications to come forward. Our planning application sits within this context and we have been in pre-application discussion with the Council.

This is an industry first, locally led approach, which seeks to provide new modern fit-for-purpose industrial floorspace alongside the integration of new uses such as homes, shops, cafes, restaurants and cultural spaces. These new uses will need to be carefully planned and designed to ensure the long-term success of the industrial activities.

A key aim for our proposals is to retain, support and grow the area’s industrial business ecosystem. We want to retain and support this intricate network of businesses – they are providing much-needed jobs and activities and will be an important asset in encouraging growth following Covid-19.
We intend to work with businesses and keep high-quality industrial space at the heart of the proposals by providing a mix of innovative, modern and flexible industrial spaces.

Sustainability will be a key consideration for us.
Uplands Business Park already includes a number of independent and creative businesses that are taking initiatives to green their sites and reduce their impact on the environment. We want to support these initiatives.

We want to:

  • Significantly increase the area’s bio-diversity by introducing new plants, trees and vegetation.
  • Reduce our reliance on cars by promoting sustainable methods of transport.
  • Incorporate blue and green roofs and green walls on new buildings.


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Yes, these are initial proposals. We are not intending to submit a planning application until the end of the year to allow for effective community consultation.
Once this initial consultation has closed we will consider all the comments that have been received and then input this into the proposals.
We will then reconsult with the local community later in the year.

We want you to engage with this consultation to assist us in creating proposals that everyone can be proud of.
To provide feedback you can:
1. Use the online feedback forms on the ‘Have Your Say’ tab
2. Click ‘Contact Us’ and email us
3. Use our freephone number on 0800 193 6698

Use our freephone number on 0800 193 6698 and we will arrange for hard copies of the consultation material to be delivered to their address.