The Blackhorse Lane Masterplan

Industry First

The site is located within the Blackhorse Lane Strategic Industrial Location (SIL). Strategic Industrial Locations are London’s main reservoirs of industrial capacity and play an important role in London’s economy. Given the loss of industrial land across London in recent years, the London Plan seeks to retain industrial capacity and encourage intensification and investment.

A strategic location for growth and transformational change

These ambitions are reflected in Waltham Forest Council’s emerging Local Plan, which seeks to retain and grow the existing industrial capacity through industrial-led redevelopment alongside strengthen the neighbourhood centre at Blackhorse Lane. The council has designated this area as a strategic location for growth and transformational change and has ambitious growth targets to deliver:

• 1,600 new jobs (across the wider central Waltham Forest area); and
• a minimum of 1,800 homes;

Blackhorse Lane SIL Masterplan

Waltham Forest Council, in collaboration with the Greater London Authority (GLA), is preparing a masterplan for the Blackhorse Lane SIL to guide sustainable change and future development. This has involved engagement with landowners, businesses and the wider community.

The key aims of the Masterplan are to:

• Create a framework and establish controls to help the council protect industrial uses if development happens with;
• Set a framework to overcome delivery challenges relating to different land ownerships;
• Provide a shared vision and principles for the area;
• Set out a strategy for retaining existing businesses and providing modern fit for purpose industrial floorspace;
• Set out a strategy for integrating new compatible uses including residential, community and other forms of workspace;
• Provide a spatial framework (coordinated plan) across the whole SIL (including: streets and urban blocks; scale and massing; access and servicing; public realm; and sustainability)

The proposed framework sets out the following key spatial priorities for Blackhorse Lane SIL:

• Create a new waterside route;
• Provide a series of new public spaces and yards;
• Create new and improved east-west routes;
• Provide joined up street network;
• Intensify industrial activity to the north and east where there is better road connectivity; and
• Retain businesses and introduce new uses to the south and west closest to Blackhorse Road station

Blackhorse Lane SIL Masterplan

What is
a SIL?

A Strategic Industrial Location (SIL) is defined by the Greater London Authority (GLA) as ‘the capital’s main reservoir of land for industrial, logistics and related uses’ which ‘support the functioning of London’s economy’.

What is a Creative
Enterprise Zone?

The GLA’s Creative Enterprise Zone designations include ‘areas of London where artists and creative businesses can find permanent affordable space to work; are supported to start-up and grow; and where local people are helped to learn creative sector skills and find new jobs’.

What is a Blackhorse
Lane Masterplan?

The Masterplan is a process that Waltham Forest Council is undertaking in collaboration with the GLA to protect and support the Blackhorse Lane SIL to ensure it is optimised. It will act as a framework and guidance on future development plans for the area.

What is a
Strategic Location?

Waltham Forest Council has identified areas where substantial growth is expected to occur on larger sites or clusters of smaller sites to deliver the significant growth in housing, employment and infrastructure provision. In these locations the council may consider Taller (14 – 17 storeys) and Tall buildings (18+ storeys) to deliver transformational change.